* Where is Jordan located?

It is situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, within the Levant region, on the East Bank of the Jordan River. Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel and the West Bank of Palestine.

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What are the key facts of Jordan?

Jordan is a semi-arid country, covering an area of 89,342 km 2 (34,495 sq mi), with a population of 10 million, making it the eleventh-most populous Arab country. The dominant majority, or around 95% of the countrys population, is Sunni Muslim, with a native Christian minority.

When did Jordan become a country?

The name was shortened to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on 26 April 1949. 25 May is now celebrated as the nations Independence Day, a public holiday. Jordan became a member of the United Nations on 14 December 1955.

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