Osm guide

osm guide

Why choose OSM?

From ship management, crewing and training to offshore management, OSM offers a complete range of products and services essential in managing a wide range of marine assets worldwide. We design our service offering to meet your needs. Enjoy the many benefits of bulk service capabilities as well as single service purchasing.

What are the best resources for learning OSM?

learnOSM.org - The learnOSM beginner guide provides very thorough step-by-step instructions (down to how to scroll a map). This is great for some, but others may find it too detailed and prefer this guide. It also is primarily about Humanitarian OSM Team -related mapping.

How does the OSM editing process work?

The OSM editing process functions because of what is known as an API, which allows editing software to communicate with the central server. For example, when you are using JOSM and you select the area you want to map, an API call is sent to the server, requesting all of the data that exists within the area that you have selected.

Is it possible to download OSM data?

Because OSM is free and open, it is possible for anybody to download all the data in this database. However, because it is so massive ( the data is more than 30 GB even when it’s compressed ), it’s nearly impossible to work with all the data at once.

Why choose OSM Maritime Group?

OSM Maritime is the leading Offshore Ship Management company as it currently manages more than 150 such vessels and units! OSM Maritime Group offers a multi-disciplined team of experienced professionals providing an international client base with high-quality management & corporate solutions.

Why OSM environmental consulting?

The OSM team have over 20 years combined experience of environmental consulting in both the private sector and public sector. From this, we have become specialised in a range of environmental consultancy projects, with a particular focus on Waste Management, Contaminated Land and Flood Risk Assessment.

Why choose OSM dry bulk?

TWO LOCATIONS: OSM Dry Bulk is represented both in Norway and in Singapore, and is thus covering most time zones, as well as geographical areas. SPEED & PERFORMANCE MONITORING: OSM maintains its own Vessel Reporting System which enables it to monitor the speed and performance of its bulkers fleet.

How does OSM handle vetting in Europe and Asia?

We have dedicated teams handling all Port State Control / Rightship / Vetting matters in Europe and Asia. OSM is a member of Rightship and maintains direct relations on C-level as well as to critical ports (e.g. Port Hedland). Experts in Norway, Finland, Singapore, and Cyprus support our crew in Vetting preparations.

What is OSM and how does it work?

By using COM, SOM, and TOM, OSM is able to take as input the products, bundles, and offers that the customer purchases, and resolve those into customer-facing services and, ultimately, the resource-facing services that need to be implemented on the network.

How do I process an order in OSM?

OSM uses three basic steps to process an order: Create the order. OSM receives the sales order and creates an order in OSM. Generate the orchestration plan. The orchestration plan manages how the processes that fulfill the order run.

How do I use the OSM data layer?

The OSM data layer is the layer that you actually work with. To move a layer, click on it in the Layers panel and click on the up or down arrow to move it. To hide a layer, select it with your mouse and click the Show/Hide button: You should see the layer that you selected disappear in the map window.

What is a technical order in OSM?

The third instance of OSM creates an order to design the service, assigns the resources, and determine the actions required to fulfill the service using those resources. This order is called a technical order. When the technical order is complete, the service order can be completed, and, in turn, the original customer order can be completed.

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