Lx factory lisbonne

lx factory lisbonne

What is the LX factory in Lisbon?

What is the LX Factory in Lisbon? The LX Factory is a co-operative working venue that is inhabited by restaurants, bars, galleries, bookstores and various concept shops. It is situated right on the edge of the Tagus, halfway between the Cais do Sodre and Belem. DESIGN YOUR PRIVATE LISBON TOUR NOW »

Where to find Lisbon’s street art scene?

Some of LX Factory’s graffiti is easy to find, but some of it is tucked away in places you really have to go looking for it. Lisbon has a thriving street art scene. The street art at LX Factory is of such a high quality that it’s easy to see why the city is establishing itself as such a street art hub.

What is LX factory?

[…] all of Lisbon’s contemporary hotspots, LX Factory is the jewel in the crown: a welcoming mishmash of cool street art, weekend markets, independent […] Comments are closed. Come and Say Hi! YouTube

What is the nearest tram stop to LX factory?

LX Factory is on tram route 15 and 15e from the centre of Lisbon. Calvario is the nearest tram stop. You can also walk to LX Factory from both the city centre and Belem – both walks take around half an hour.

How to get to LX factory in Lisbon?

Sep 2018 LX Factory in Lisbon is a creative place with nice restaurants and shops, that can be reached from the city center via Tram line 15 or 15E direction to Belem. It is the easiest to get off the tram when you are almost under the big steel bridge / Ponte 25 de Abril - dont drive all the way to Belem.

How do I get to the LX factory?

Coming from the city center (Bairro Alto, Chiado), the LX Factory is about a twelve minute journey by car. Lisbon’s taxis and Ubers know the place well, and when it comes time to leave there are always a gathering of cars just outside the gates waiting to take you onward.

Where are Lisbon’s Hottest addresses?

A lmost overnight, in 2008, a factory complex dating back to 1846 became one of Lisbon’s hottest addresses. The industrial spaces were turned into offices, and soon came cafés, restaurants and shops.

What makes the LX factory so special?

The first thing you’ll notice is the street art. The LX Factory is a trendy, urban space and so various local artists are brought in on a regular basis to add to the overall aesthetic of the space.

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