Tripadvisor restaurant porto

tripadvisor restaurant porto

Where to eat in Porto?

Bilha Nova Restaurante 14. Do Norte cafe “... and smoked salmon and a big brunch ...” “... we had in Lisbon and Porto we enjoy...” 15. Meia-Nau Porto “Superb fish restaurant with very helpful...” 16. The Ribs “What a fantastic restaurant .” 17. Dama Pe de Cabra “... it vegetarian) and local cod cakes .” “Our best meal in Porto!”

What are the best restaurants in Lisboa?

NATA Lisboa - Rua das Flores 8. Negra Cafe Baixa “Nice Cafe Restaurant with pleasant...” 9. Traveller “Good food, decorations could be nicer.” 10. Manteigaria Clerigos “Fresh Pastries and Tarts To Go!” “Best natas I’ve had so far!” 11. Moustache “We ordered x2 pancakes each and had maple syrup and berries on one and maple...”

Where to eat octopus in Lisbon?

“The steak dinner and octopus were both...” 19. Petisqueira Voltaria 20. Ribeira Square “Everything is made freshly - if you love octopus, order the carpaccio as a co...” “We had a wonderful evening with octopus carpaccio, tasty seafood rice and bea...” 21. Brasao Aliados 22. Le Monument Restaurant

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