Elite shisha bar

elite shisha bar

Who is shisha elite?

“Shisha Elite was born from a happy coincidence: Caffè San Firenze, a Florentine bar belonging to my family, and a great passion I’ve always had for the Arab world, leading to so many trips to the Middle East and the North African countries.

Where to find shisha in Italy?

Shisha Elite was born in Florence, thanks to the happy match, the Caffè San Firenze, a Florentine historical bar that provides a shisha service, and a great passion of Andrea Bronzi for the Arab world. Operates throughout Italy especially in Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples, Genoa, Pisa, Perugia, Palermo, Cagliari.

What to expect at a shisha bar?

Soft light of candles and inebriating shisha aromas for a special evening. You will listen to the Middle Eastern singers and the tinkling of dancers ankles performing the belly dance.

What happens if you have a shisha bar in your business?

Being in control, or allowing people to smoke in an enclosed space, such as an illegal shisha bar, is an offence. You could be fined and ordered to cover the court costs of the council if found guilty. If your business supplies shisha in water pipes to customers, you need to do so legally.

Do you need planning permission for a shisha bar?

Approval of a shisha bar/lounge A shelter must comply with the 50 per cent wall rule. The premises must also have planning permission, a valid fire safety certificate and keep noise, light pollution and exposure to second hand smoke or smoke infiltration into Smoke Free areas to a minimum.

Do shisha parlors offer hookah?

However, shisha parlors nowadays often distance themselves from the eastern cultures by offering hookah and alcohol without the cultural elements. These bars differ from other bars only in the fact that they offer hookah. Usually a disposable mouthpiece is provided for each user for hygienic reasons.

How do I open a shisha bar?

Before opening your shisha bar, youll have to register the premises with your local authoritys environmental health service at least 28 days before you start trading. Its important to note that this process doesnt cost any money.

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