What does Lexus mean?

Lexus (レクサス, Rekusasu) is the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Toyota. The Lexus brand is marketed in more than 70 countries and territories worldwide and is Japans largest-selling make of premium cars. It has ranked among the 10 largest Japanese global brands in market value.

What kind of car is the Lexus IS C?

Former convertibles include the SC and IS C models. Sport-utility vehicles range in size from the subcompact UX, compact NX and mid-size RX crossovers, to the full-size GX and LX. Hybrid models include the CT hatchback, the discontinued HS, and variants of the IS, ES, GS, LS, RC, LC, UX, NX, RX and LM.

What happened to Lexussales?

Lexus quickly established customer loyalty and its debut was generally regarded as a shock to existing luxury marques. BMWs and Mercedes-Benzs U.S. sales figures dropped 29 percent and 19 percent, respectively, with BMW executives accusing Lexus of dumping in that market, while 35 percent of Lexus buyers traded in a Lincoln or Cadillac.

What kind of hybrid car is the Lexus IS?

Hybrid models include the CT hatchback, the discontinued HS, and variants of the IS, ES, GS, LS, RC, LC, UX, NX, RX and LM. The F marque line formerly produced a variant of the IS and the LFA and currently produces a variant of the GS sedan and the RC coupe.

What is Lexus?

Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation. First introduced in 1989 in the USA, Lexus is now sold globally and has become Japans largest-selling make of premium cars.

What is the meaning of Lel-ex-US?

L-EX-US. it does not mean luxury edition for the us. Nowadays Toyota Motor Co. have adopted the Lexus name for its luxury line in Japan as well. Lexus (adjective) meaning an individual possessing great potential and beauty as well as an immense amount of drive, pleasant disposition, good natur.

What was the first Lexus model?

1989 LS 400 sedan was the first Lexus model. Theories of the etymology of the Lexus name have suggested it is the combination of the words luxury and elegance, and that it is an acronym for luxury exports to the U.S.

What do the letters in the Lexus model numbers mean?

The first letter indicates relative status in the Lexus model range ( ranking ), and the second letter refers to car body style or type (e.g. LS for luxury sedan).

How many cars does Lexus sell each year?

In 2014, the Lexus brand set a new global sales record after selling 582,000 vehicles. This made Lexus the fourth best selling luxury brand in the world, trailing BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Global sales of Lexus vehicles increased by 12 percent in 2015 to reach another annual sales record with 652,000 units sold worldwide.

What are Lexus sales operations like?

Lexus sales operations vary in structure by region. In many markets, such as the U.S., the dealership network is a distinct organization from corporate headquarters, with separately owned and operated Lexus showrooms.

Why did Lexus fail in the European market?

In the European market, where Lexus had long faced struggling sales owing to low brand recognition, few dedicated dealerships, and 1990s import quotas, the marque announced plans to introduce hybrid and diesel powertrains, increase the number of Lexus dealerships, and expand operations in emerging markets such as Russia.

When did the Lexus RX reach 1 million sales?

The 1 million sales milestone was achieved in March 2016. The Lexus RX 400h/RX 450h ranks as the top selling Lexus hybrid with 335,000 units delivered worldwide as of March 2016 , followed by the Lexus CT 200h with 267,000 units.

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