What does front line stand for?

A front line (alternatively front-line or frontline) in military terminology is the position (s) closest to the area of conflict of an armed forces personnel and equipment, usually referring to land forces.

Why work for frontline?

That’s why Frontline recruits and develops outstanding individuals to be social workers and leaders to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children and families.

Why buy frontline shield?

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Is Frontline® a registered trademark?

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What is the meaning of front line in business?

frontline in Business English. frontline adjective [ before noun ] also front-line uk ​ /ˈfrʌntlaɪn/ us ​ HR, WORKPLACE. › used to describe an employee who deals directly with customers, or who is directly involved in making a product: A positive interaction with a client can give a frontline worker great satisfaction.

When was the term front line first used in the military?

Although the term front line first appeared in the 1520s, it was only in 1842 that it was recorded used in the military sense.

What is a front-line state?

A front line state shares a border with a country that it is at war with or is in conflict with. ...the front-line states bordering South Africa. 4. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

What is it called when you face the front line?

In a military conflict, then, when facing the front line, you face the enemy. All branches of the U.S. armed services use the related technical terms, Forward Line of Own Troops (FLOT) and Forward Edge of Battle Area (FEBA).

Frontline staff are trained differently to other members of staff; they have to be. They’re the face of your brand and they represent your values. Whether it’s sales, customer services, or social media executives; training your front liners is not an instant process. It’s a never-ending learning curve. What is the Role of a Frontline Employee?

What is a frontline employee at a gas station?

A frontline employee comes to do your gas safety inspection every year. And its a frontline employee who boxes up your packages for delivery when all the stores are closed. Frontline employees do just about everything, but this phrase is a broad one. What does it actually mean? Who are Frontline Employees?

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