Arraiais madeira 2022

arraiais madeira 2022

What are the traditional festivities of Madeira?

The traditional festivities of Madeira island are a mixture of the religious and the profane with its masses, processions and celebrations around the church. The traditional “arraiais” happen in the month of August in various parts of the island.

When is the Madeira carnival 2022?

Madeira Carnival Festivities – February 23rd to March 6th (Main Parade 26th February and Fun Parade 1st March) 2022 One of the biggest street parties in Europe, Madeira’s Carnival, evokes the riotous spirit of Rio!

What is the Madeira Island Open?

Competitors battle it out over a 2.5km open watercourse in the bay of Funchal, providing an entertaining spectator event. Madeira Island Open is one of two Portuguese golfing events on the official PGA European Tour for men.

What is Festa dos compadres in Madeira?

For about 50 years, Festa dos Compadres has symbolised the start of the Carnival festivities in Madeira, taking place on the weekend before the Carnival. Held in Santana, in the northeast of the island, the town celebrates the occasion with a parade of decorated floats, troupes in traditional costumes and musical entertainment.

What are the days of the month in Madeira?

1st of July - Madeira Day 15th of August – Assumption Day (Monte Festival) 5th of October – Day of the Republic 1st of November – All Saints Day

What is the most popular festival in Madeira?

Festa dos Santos Populares (Festival of the Popular Saints) – 12-29,2021 Festa dos Santos Populares is one of the most beloved festivals in Madeira. Dedicated to three saints, traditional parades fill the brightly decorated streets of Funchal and there is plenty of music, bonfires and food stalls.

What are the Christmas traditions of Madeira?

From 16th to 24th December, Madeira celebrates one of its main Christmas traditions: the Childbirth Masses. All around the Island, these nine Masses represent the nine months of the Virgin Marys pregnancy, announcing the Birth of Jesus and excel in their Catholic hyms, namely the litany sung by tuned choirs.

What is the festival of Our Lady of Mercy in Madeira?

The tradition of the Festival of Our Lady of Mercy is celebrated every year in Caniçal parish. Thousands of people participate in the festivity in honour of Our Lady of Mercy, which is held on the third weekend of September. This festivity is very similar to other religious festivals in Madeira.

What is the Madeira Island Golf Open?

The Madeira Island Golf Open is a European calendar event, which every year attracts the best golfers to fight for victory hole by hole. According to the rules, the last two days of each tournament are played only by the 70 best contestants from the first two days.

Are Madeira and Porto Santo open to tourists?

Madeira and Porto Santo have announced that they are opening to international tourists from July 1. But anyone wanting to gain entry to the islands will have to present a negative test done within 72 hours prior to departure or be tested upon arrival.

Why choose Madeira Island?

Madeira Island is one of Europes most beautiful travel locations with many thousands of tourists returning year after year. Why? It offers not only an all year round summer climate, as well as wonderful fauna and flora, but it is also virtually crime-free and one of the safest holiday destinations in the world!

What to do in Madeira?

Madeira Island and especially its capital Funchal have transformed in… In Madeira and Porto Santo there are restaurants for all… Levada Walks; only for the fit, young and adventurous??? As… Because of its unique location in the mid-ocean the island… Scuba diving in Madeira has gained more importance among visitors…

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