Cane corso

cane corso

Is a Cane Corso the right breed for You?

But the Cane Corso has other traits that may surprise those unfamiliar with the breed. Taken altogether, they can make for a perfect companion for the right owner. 1. The breed’s name comes from the Latin for “bodyguard dog” or “robust dog.” And if you have more than one, you have Cani Corsi. 2. This is a large, very large dog.

What are the characteristics of a cane Corsi?

They have a large head with an imposing expression and a strongly muscled body. The breed is dominant and fiercely protective. 4. This is an ancient breed. Dating back to ancient Greece, Cane Corsi were warrior dogs. When the Romans conquered the Greek Islands, the legionnaires brought the dogs back to Italy and bred them with Italian dogs.

How big do female Cane Corso dogs get?

A Cane Corso is a BIG Dog Cane Corsos of either gender can grow to a significant size, up to 2 feet at the shoulder and 120 pounds. Personally, I love big dogs, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that if you’re just a little bit of a thing, and not all that strong, you’ll be fine with a Corso.

How do you take care of a Cane Corso?

As with all breeds, a Cane Corsos ears should be checked regularly for signs of infection, and the teeth should be brushed often, using a toothpaste designed for dogs. The Cane Corsos coat is short, but double-layered.

Is a Cane Corso a good first time dog owner?

The Cane Corso is not a good choice for first time dog owners because they need to be handled and trained by people familiar with the specific needs of such a large and intelligent dog.

What are the characteristics of a Cane Corso dog?

Their upper lips hang down so they cover the lower jaw. The Cane Corso has a strong slightly undershot powerful jaw. Their noses are black and large with dogs having open nostrils. Eyes are oval medium in size and set so dogs look directly forward.

How much exercise does a Cane Corso need?

Cane Corsos are really active dogs and need plenty of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. As a heavy breed of dog they shouldn’t be expected to run for miles, but as working dogs, they love to be on the go and definitely aren’t couch potatoes! Your Cane Corso will need around two hours’ exercise every day.

Are cane Corsos dangerous to humans?

3. Cane Corsos Can Be Dominant This is further on the “fear” thing. You’ve probably heard that dogs can sense fear in humans, and to a certain extent, that’s true. Dogs do know who is afraid of them. With some breeds, this might simply lead to a reluctance to be near the fearful human. With a Corso, though, it can be a little more than that.

How big does a full grown Cane Corso get?

The Corso grows to a large, muscular dog with males standing 25 to 27.5 inches at the withers and females 23.5 to 26 inches. An adult Corso will weigh between 90 and 120 pounds. The Corso is not a good choice if you have no experience with dogs.

Are Cane Corso puppies hard to train?

The Cane Corso is large, working dog breed whose size and assertiveness can become difficult to manage if they are not adequately trained and socialized from a young age and through their adolescence. As with any large guard dog, early training as a puppy will be vital in managing their full strength and size as an adult.

Is a Cane Corso a bodyguard dog?

Often weighing over 100 pounds, it’s no surprise that the Cane Corso’s name in Latin translates to the “bodyguard dog.” The Cane Corso has a noble background that goes all the way back to ancient Rome, where they worked as fearless protectors. Their large, muscular bodies, loud barks, and observant nature are enough to scare off most intruders.

How did the Cane Corso get its name?

The Cane Corso is a very impressive breed, both in terms of its strong looks and grand temperament. The Corso’s lineage goes back to ancient Roman times when the powerful dogs were Roman war dogs, and the breed’s name roughly translates from the Latin as “bodyguard-dog.”

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