Huawei watch fit elegant

huawei watch fit elegant

What are the features of Huawei Watch fit?

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT features a colourful AMOLED display, 10 days battery life, fashion design, sleep and heart rate monitoring, and quick-workout animations. This smart watch is the perfect companion for your working out and outdoor activities.

How long does the Huawei Watch fit battery last?

The incredibly thin and light HUAWEI WATCH FIT packs upgraded battery performance into just 21 grams, 7 making it a perfect all-day companion. Featuring the dual chipset architecture and power-saving algorithms, this watch can last for 10 days. And with the quick charge technology, the watch can support you a whole day with a 5-minute charge. 8

What is watch fit?

HUAWEI WATCH FIT provides precise and real-time workout metrics for 11 professional sport modes including running, swimming and cycling.

What is the weight of Huawei active edition and elegant edition?

The customisable feature is only available on some watch faces. This feature may vary depending on the watch face design and markets. The data comes from Huawei labs. The weight of Active Edition is 21g (without the strap), and Elegant Edition is 27g (without the strap).

How does the watch fit work?

HUAWEI WATCH FIT tracks your fitness progress all day and reminds you to stand up every once in a while to prevent you from long-time sitting. The watch records your daily steps, active hours, and periods of medium to high-intensity activities in three colourful circles, and provides you a sense of accomplishment when completing them.

What is the difference between the Apple Watch and Apple Watch fit?

You get used to it after a while and the only real difference is that the font can sometimes be much smaller than on larger watches and you don’t have as much horizontal space for displaying graphs. The Watch Fit display offers a 456 x 280-pixel resolution (326ppi).

What does the Apple Watch fit track?

The Watch Fit’s key selling point is its vast and versatile fitness and health tracking suite, which can track anything from conventional forms of exercise like walking, running, cycling and swimming to belly dancing, dart throwing, martial arts and more.

Why choose Huawei Watch fit?

The stylish watch face pairs perfectly with the soft, colourful strap for a premium design. HUAWEI WATCH FIT brings you a sophisticated and trendy look at all times. Made using matte textured polymer fiber, the watch frame is both smooth and durable, and blends gracefully with the chic silicone strap.

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