Peugeot 508 pse

peugeot 508 pse

What is the Peugeot 508 PSE?

The 508 PSE is the most powerful series-production road car that Peugeot has ever made and one of the most technically daring.

How far can a 508 Peugeot Sport engineered hybrid saloon go?

26 MILES (WLTP*) DRIVING RANGE IN ELECTRIC MODE The lithium-ion battery life of the new 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED hybrid saloon allows you to travel up to 26 miles in Electric Mode, according to the WLTP* certification protocol.

What is Peugeot’s electrified Et voilà?

Et voilà: Peugeot’s answer to Volkswagen’s R, or even AMG, but with the unique approach of putting electrification front and centre, with a range exclusively made up of performance plug-in hybrids. These cars will be based on regular models, although the significance of Peugeot Sport’s involvement is that it knows a thing or two about fast hybrids.

How good is Peugeot’s PSE?

The electric bit of the PSE equation is clever, effective, and potentially very economical. But the real story here is that Peugeot has found its handling mojo, and with the kind of product that isn’t going to fall prey to emissions rules any time soon.

How much horsepower does a Peugeot 508 SW PSE have?

But regardless, Peugeot went and did it anyway, and what resulted is the 355 horsepower 508 SW PSE (Station Wagon / Peugeot Sport Engineering). Believe it or not, this car’s main source of motivation is a 197 horsepower 1.

Is the Ford 508 PSE a good family car?

Like its rivals, the 508 PSE has been conceived as a quick but laid-back GT-style family car that can, on the right road, also reward its driver. And that’s where the PSE alterations come into play.

What is the hybrid version of Peugeot 508?

^ Peugeot 508. Concept 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered Debuts As 155-MPH Hybrid. Retrieved 14 June 2019. ^ Peugeot 508 Sport Engineered Concept: first of fast PHEVs.

Where is the Peugeot 508 SW made?

It shares its platform and most engine options with the second generation Citroën C5: the two cars are produced alongside one another at the companys Rennes Plant, and in Wuhan, China, for sales inside China. At the end of 2015, Peugeot launched the new generation of 508, 508 SW and also RXH.

What does electrification mean for Peugeot vehicles?

Peugeot defines electrification as the availability of at least one all-electric or plug-in hybrid version of a particular model. The goal for 2023 is 85% and for 2025 is 100%. In the case of commercial vehicles, it will be even sooner - 100% in 2021.

What does 70% electrification mean for the Peugeot 308?

It means at least one all-electric or plug-in hybrid option for every model. Peugeot announced that with the addition of two new plug-in hybrid versions of the Peugeot 308, the brands lineup will be electrified by 70% by the end of this year.

Is the Peugeot e-208 the quickest electric car on the market?

Actually, pending the arrival of some sort of GTI – which Peugeot has hinted might itself be electric – the e-208 is the quickest cub of the litter, with a 0-62 time of 8.1 seconds. Engineering features make a good stab at efficiency. A heat pump runs the climate control.

What are the powertrain options of the Peugeot E208?

The French manufacturer prepared two powertrain options: The lineup so far includes only two all-electric passenger models - Peugeot e-208 and Peugeot e-2008, but Peugeots BEV van lineup is pretty strong with three models.

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