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What is the Guardian doing about the conflict in Ukraine?

The Guardian is committed to occasionally sharing with readers other media outlets’ coverage of the conflict in Ukraine. You can read the piece by The Independent here.

What is Global Guardian doing to move people out of Ukraine?

In a telephone conversation with Fox News Digital on Friday, Dale Buckner, CEO of Global Guardian, an international security firm, gave a compelling update on his companys ongoing efforts to move civilian workers and their families out of Ukraine as safely and efficiently as possible while Russian forces continue to attack that country.

Will Ukraines military and separatists restore a ceasefire?

Ukraines military and separatist forces both expressed a willingness to restore a truce, according to the Organization for Security and Co-operation, which has logged an uptick in ceasefire violations of late. Since its independence, Ukraine has been concerned with performing a balancing act between East and West.

What is Ukraines policy of decommunisation?

Since its independence, Ukraine has been concerned with performing a balancing act between East and West. That changed with 2014s pro-Western revolution, which ushered in a policy of decommunisation: condemning Soviet leaders for their crimes and removing all monuments to them.

Is Russia’s war in Ukraine an information war?

As Russia’s war in Ukraine enters its fourth week, an information war between people on both sides of the border is intensifying. The military onslaught is not just demolishing residential buildings and city centres in Ukraine; it is sorely testing myriad familial cross-border ties that have endured for decades, centuries even.

Why did the UN fail to respond to the war in Ukraine?

There was “no better example of that than the failure of the UN to appropriately respond to the war in Ukraine because of the position taken by Russia in the security council”, she said, describing it as “a morally bankrupt position on their part, in the wake of a morally bankrupt and illegal war”.

How can the UK help Ukraine fight against Russia?

British forces have begun training Ukrainian soldiers in a new programme to help in their fight against Russia. Defence secretary, Ben Wallace, visited the military camp in the north-west where up to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers will arrive for specialist military training.

What is behind Russia’s frustration with the Ukraine crisis?

Economic warfare and apocalyptic threats can be read as signs of Russia’s bitter frustration at the way events have unfolded since February. The scale and practical value of western solidarity with Ukraine – in the form of sanctions, financial aid and military assistance – have come as an unpleasant surprise to the Kremlin.

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