Idealista lisbon

idealista lisbon

Where is apartment T0 located in Lisbon?

Apartment T0 located in Rua da Imprensa Nacional. Second floor. Car park a few minutes away, as well as gym and all kind of trade. In g... ***VISITS 1/24 - 13.30: 00 to 16:00 *** 1 bedroom apartment with excellent natural light, fully furnished, located next to Praça Luis...

How many units are in this 3-bed duplex in Lisbon?

This beautiful 3-bed (3 ensuite) duplex apartment in Belém Lisbon is in a brand new building with only 8 units in total. This Last unit i... Exceptional T2 Typology apartment located in the heart of Chiado, in Largo do Carmo, the most elegant and valued neighborhood in Lisbon,...

Where to find a T6 house in Lisbon?

Welcome to the neighborhood of Alvalade, also known as the neighborhood of poets a... In Lisbon, you will find this T6 House, with exceptional areas, inserted in the condominium Paço da Ameixoeira, in Lumiar.

How to find accommodation in Lisbon or Porto?

Finding accommodation in Lisbon or Porto depends largely on how long you will be staying. If it is for a period of six months or less, short-term rentals are still available but for people looking for long-term rents, it can be a bit challenging. Go to the best websites.

What are the best neighbourhoods to live in Lisbon?

Some of the best neighbourhoods to live in Lisbon are: Alcântara – Which is situated between the city centre and Belém. It is also close to Docas de Santo Amaro (a dock filled with bars and restaurants). LX Factory is also located in Alcântara. The cost of rent in Alcântara is somewhat decent.

What to write in a letter to an apartment in Portugal?

I am writing to you about my apartment located at (street address). I am (name) and I am the owners’ daughter. They bought me the apartment when I started my studies in Portugal. I’ll take care of the lease process.

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