Zomato pro

zomato pro

Is Zomato Pro membership worth it?

Zomato pro is completely useless and here are the reasons: a. There is a minimum order amount to avail pro discounts. That means if your order is below the minimum amount forget the discounts. b. Multiple restaurants like Dominos, McDonald’s, etc. are not covered in pro memberships.

What is Zomato Gold?

First of all,Zomato gold is one of the sought after products for the customers where a customer can get 1+1 on food or 2+2 on drinks ( IMFL or Imported ) on any partnered restaurants all over India. I am an ex-employee of Zomato but still wants to share my restaurant economics of a particular restaurant.

Why Z Pro for SMAAASH restaurants?

100% of SMAAASH restaurants and pubs across India are Z Pro partners. We believe its a great tool for restaurants to reach out to their core consumer base and see direct impact on incremental sales. A big chunk of the unlocks happen during non peak hours and this is amazing for our business.

Who bears the cost of free food on Zomato Gold?

Technically,the restaurants bear the cost of free food but since Zomato gold focusses on volume of customers into restaurants,they cover their cost through out. Let me explain the situation through mathematics.

Is Zomato pro worth the money?

Not at all …they say thatt it depends on the restaurant if they want to give discount or not even if the restaurant mentions the discount …which is totally unfair and waste of money Yeah it is worthy because it could have been providing exclusive offers to customers. Zomato Pro is just worthless.

How to get Zomato pro plan for free?

Get Quarterly Membership For Free 1) The users will get free Zomato membership for 3 months. 2) To get this offer, users have to activate the ZIP and 2 successful food transaction. 3) This Pro plan offer is valid till 31st July 2021. 4) Minimum order value is Rs 200 to avail of this offer benefits.

How many cities is Zomato Pro membership valid in?

4) The pro membership is valid in 41 cities across India. 5) Only Zomato pro users can gift the subscription to others. 4. Get 3 Months Membership For Free 2) Offer is valid for a limited time.

How to get free 3 months Pro membership of Zomato from Flipkart?

1) The Members will get free 3 months pro membership of Zomato from the Flipkart. 2) Users have to make transaction using supercoins with 150 and no extra charges. 3) After payment, users will receive voucher code, which is applicable for once per user.

Why SMAAASH is the best place to visit in Mumbai?

This was the first time that I took my kids to Smaaash and must say my kids thoroughly enjoyed it. They have already made plans to visit it again! This is one of a kind place in Mumbai where you can spend the entire day having fun and even have parties..it has all types of games and a bowling alley and the food is also amazing!

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