Synlab ramalde

synlab ramalde

What does SYNLAB do?

SYNLAB is a basic provider in many national healthcare systems, and a leading provider of laboratory diagnostic services in Europe for practising doctors, clinics and patients. Welcome to SYNLAB.

How do I contact SYNLAB Czech Republic?

186 00 Praha Call centrum: 800 800 234 Kontakt Kontakt © 2022 SYNLAB Czech Republic Právní informace ImprintPravidla ochrany osobních údajů včetně Prohlášení o ochraně osobních údajů Vyberte jazyk Tato stránka je dostupná na český|english Vybrat zemi EvropaJižní AmerikaStřední východ, Afrika

How many hospitals are there in SYNLAB?

More than 700 hospitals, hundreds of thousands of referring medical practitioners and tens of millions of patients put their trust in SYNLAB’S network of over 1200 medical experts and diagnostic centres. We live up to our responsibilities and are proud of it.

What is SYNLAB Group 4?

A SYNLAB Magyarország és Európa legnagyobb labordiagnosztikai szolgáltatója. A SYNLAB Group 4 kontinensen 36 országban van jelen, több mint 24 000 munkavállalót foglalkoztat, árbevétele 2,6 milliárd euró, évente 500 millió vizsgálatot végez. Magyarországon országos vérvételi és laboratóriumi hálózattal rendelkezünk (közel 100 helyszínen).

Who is SYNLAB Group? SYNLAB Group is an international medical diagnostics provider with laboratory services for human and veterinary medicine as well as environmental analysis. The company emerged from the combination of the two medical diagnostics providers Labco and synlab.

How many tests does SYNLAB do in a year?

SYNLAB UK & Ireland At SYNLAB, we provide laboratory, diagnostic and advisory services to a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare and wellness, sport, travel, insurance, veterinary and family law. We employ more than 2,800 people across the UK and Ireland and we carry out over 45 million tests each year.

Why choose SYNLAB diagnostic services?

Every day more than one million test results from SYNLAB laboratories provide a basis for precise diagnoses and treatment decisions. In an international network of experts, diagnostic findings are always prepared in line with the state of the art of medical science, without any compromise on quality or service.

What happened to SYNLAB?

In 2010 synlab took over the two laboratories Futurelab and Fleming Labs, which built the basis for several further acquisitions. Synlab was acquired by the European private equity Investor Cinven in 2015. Labco SA was founded in 2004 by a group of French biologists as a cooperation of nine French laboratories.

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