Best breakfast porto

best breakfast porto

Where to have breakfast&brunch in Porto?

Tavi has the best view from all places mentioned, it’s located near the ocean in the Foz neighbourhood. The location and view make this place a little more expensive but it’s one of the best places to have breakfast & brunch in Porto.

What to do in Porto?

The north of Portugal has some of the most appreciated food in the world. To have breakfast & brunch in Porto you will have plenty of choices. No one does traditional food really well as the Portuguese, but on the other hand, they’re not afraid to embrace the new trends. Every corner in Porto has a good smell of coffee or some delicious cake.

Who are the best bakeries in Porto?

“Best Bakers in Porto if not the North!” 28. A Serrana 29. The Happy Nest 30. Padaria Ribeiro Express

What are the best places to eat in Portugal?

“First breakfast in Portugal with the first pastel de Nata that we have eaten.” 7. NATA Lisboa - Rua das Flores 8. NATA Lisboa - Sta. Catarina “So good. Not to be missed.” 9. Molete Bread & Breakfast Sao Lazaro

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