What is Affidea?

Affidea, the leading European provider of diagnostic im... Affidea, the leading European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services has today an... Affidea and Subtle Medical announce a strategic partnership to improve patient experience during PET/CT scans ...

How do I contact Affidea?

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες, μπορείτε να καλείτε στο 216 900 53 13, Δευτέρα έως Κυριακή, από τις 07:00 έως και τις 23:00, ή να στείλετε e-mail στο Η Affidea έχει αναπτύξει μια ασυναγώνιστη υπηρεσία εξωτερικών ασθενών για να συνδυάσει την κλινική αριστεία με την ευκολία.

Who is the CEO of Affidea?

Giuseppe Recchi, Affidea CEO, participated at the Healthcare Business International Conference in London, one ... Pan-European diagnostic imaging specialist Affidea has entered into its first partnership with an AI company. We talk to CEO Giuseppe Recchi.

Why choose Affidea Romania?

Affidea Romania has successfully implemented a massive, interdisciplinary project to digitize the patient journey in their centers, offering patients a seamless... Affidea CEO interview with Torino Magazine, Italy We use the best technology and the best medical know-how, built on the unique skills of over 9 thousand ...

Who is the new CEO of Affidea Group BV?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 25 January 2018: The Board of the Affidea Group BV are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Giuseppe Recchi as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Group, effective immediately.

Why choose Affidea for diagnostic imaging?

Founded in 1991, Affidea is the leading European diagnostic imaging player, with more than 300 centers operating across 15 countries. Affidea has expanded its offering across the value chain, providing an integrated pathway in advanced diagnostics, outpatient and cancer care services with an outstanding quality and value of care.

What does Affidea’s acquisition of Brust Zentrum mean for breast cancer care?

In light of multinational diagnostic imaging provider Affidea’s recent acquisition of Brust Zentrum, a Zurich-based breast cancer care provider, we speak to CEO Giuseppe Recchi about the company’s vision to create a pan-European polydiagnostic outpatient platform.

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