Funeral jorge sampaio

funeral jorge sampaio

What happened to Jorge Sampaio?

LISBON, Portugal -- Jorge Sampaio, a former two-term president of Portugal and one of the most prominent political figures of his generation, has died. He was 81. The current Portuguese president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, announced Sampaio’s death on Friday.

Who is Fernando Branco de Sampaio?

Jorge Fernando Branco de Sampaio GColTE GColIH GColL ( Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʒɔɾʒ (ɨ) sɐ̃ˈpaju] ( listen); 18 September 1939 – 10 September 2021) was a Portuguese lawyer and politician who was the 18th President of Portugal from 1996 to 2006.

Who was Raul Sampaio?

Sampaio was fluent in English, studied at Johns Hopkins University, and once said he had always wanted to become an orchestra conductor. Portugal is to observe three days of national mourning, when Portuguese flags on public buildings fly at half-staff, from Saturday, President Rebelo de Sousa announced.

When did Jorge Sampaio become president of the PS?

Between 1986 and 1987 he was president of the parliamentary bench of the Socialist Party. On 18 November 1988, Jorge Sampaio ran for Secretary General of the PS and on 16 January 1989, after defeating Jaime Gama, succeeded Vítor Constâncio, who resigned.

What did Jorge Sampaio die of?

Jorge Sampaio, a former Portuguese president who later served in various UN posts, died on Friday at his home in Lisbon, his family told the Lusa news agency. He was 81. Sampaio was president of Portugal between 1996 and 2006. He suffered from heart problems and was hospitalised at the end of August.

How did Jorge Sampaio become a lawyer?

In 1949, Jorge Sampaio wanted to enter the Colégio Militar, but failed, so he ended up entering the Pedro Nunes High School. After finishing the 5th grade, Sampaio chose a set of subjects that gave access to the Law course at Liceo Passos Manuel. He started his political career as college student of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon.

When did Jorge Sampaio run for President?

On 13 July 1995, Jorge Sampaio announced his candidacy to run for the presidency of the Republic in the 1996 presidential election, candidacy that was already supported by the Socialist Party a few days earlier and resigned as mayor of Lisbon.

Who is Pedro Sampaio?

Four years after the end of Portugals dictatorship, Sampaio joined the Socialist Party founded by Mario Soares, his predecessor as president. A long-time member of parliament, he became the partys secretary-general in 1989 and, in the same year, won the Lisbon mayors office.

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