Hotel vila galé coimbra

hotel vila galé coimbra

Where to stay in Coimbra?

Overlooking the Mondego River in Coimbra, the Vila Galé provides warmly decorated rooms with a dance theme. It has free Wi-Fi, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and various spa treatments. The contemporary rooms are decorated with soft-tone colors and luxurious fabrics. All rooms have air conditioning and some offer river views.

Why stay at the Vila Galé Coimbra?

The Vila Galé Coimbra has an extensive spa offering a varied menu of relaxing massage, beauty treatments and other recreational facilities available for an extra fee. A breakfast buffet is served each morning at the hotel’s main restaurant, which also serves lunch and dinner.

How far is the walk from the train station to Coimbra?

Vila Galé Coimbra is less than a 10-minute walk from Coimbra Train Station. University of Coimbra-Alta and Sofia, a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site, is within a 20-minute walk of the hotel, as well as Coimbra Old Cathedral and the Bothanical Garden.

Is Vila Gale Coimbra popular with families? Yes, Vila Gale Coimbra is popular with guests booking family stays.

Where to stay in Coimbra?

How do I get to Coimbra?

Coimbra actually has two stations, Coimbra A (Estação Nova) and Coimbra B (Estação Velha). The nearest station to Coimbra University and the old town and its attractions is Coimbra Station A, the main station for regional trains. Coimbra Station B is the main station for high speed trains to and from outside the region.

What is Coimbra station B?

Coimbra Station B is the main station for high speed trains to and from outside the region. Coimbra Station B is a 5-minute ride on a local (Urbano), 1 km north of Coimbra.

How do I get from Gare do Oriente in Lisbon to Coimbra?

Trains from Gare do Oriente in Lisbon to Coimbra run approximately every hour and take about 2 hours. The first train from Oriente in Lisbon to Coimbra is at 6.09 am with the last train at 10.09 pm. Full information and online booking for all rail passes in Portugal and Spain is available from ACP Rail.

How far is Coimbra from Lisbon by car?

Travel Between Lisbon and Coimbra by Car. The journey from Lisbon to Coimbra takes two hours and is about 200 kilometers (or 125 miles). To get a good deal, make sure to book your rental car as far in advance as possible. Also, keep in mind that most rental cars in Portugal have manual transmissions.

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