Yamaha r6

yamaha r6

What kind of engine does a Yamaha R6 have?

The R6 was the worlds first 600cc production four-stroke motorcycle producing over 100 hp (75 kW) in stock form. The YZF-R6 has been revised several times since its introduction. Starting with the 2003 model, when the R6 became fuel-injected.

Is the Yamaha R6 a track bike?

Simply put, even Yamaha says that the R6 is a motorcycle designed for the track. Different to a litre-class motorcycle that you can use to power out of turns, with an R6 you brake late, trail braking, and keeping the throttle on the boil for longer.

What is the difference between a Yamaha R1 and R6?

For example, at 3,000 rpm, a Yamaha R6 is making about 20 ft-lbs, whereas the R1 is making about 50 – already above the peak torque that an R6 will only make at 10,000 rpm! And the R1 a massive 70 lb-ft of torque by 10K rpm, basically more than many motorcycles described as “torquey”.

What is the rev limit of the Yamaha R6?

The rev limit has since increased from 15,500 to 16,000! In this guide to the Yamaha R6… Why trust me on motorcycles? Why buy a Yamaha R6? Whats the Yamaha R6 like to ride? Is the Yamaha R6 uncomfortable to ride? Wrap up: Whats the best Yamaha R6 to buy? Why trust me on motorcycles?

What kind of engine does a YZF R6 have?

Yamaha YZF-R6; Manufacturer: Yamaha Motor Company: Also called: Yamaha R6: Production: 1999-2020: Class: Sport bike: Engine: 600 cc (37 cu in) transverse inline four: Related: Yamaha YZF-R1

How much horsepower does a Yamaha R6 have?

History. The motorcycle featured Yamahas completely new engine design capable of producing over 108 hp (81 kW) while stationary. The R6 was the worlds first 600cc production four-stroke motorcycle producing over 100 hp (75 kW) in stock form.

What is the redline on a 2006 Yamaha R6?

In 2006, Yamaha advertised that the R6 had a redline of 17,500 rpm. This is 2,000 rpm higher than the previous R6 model and was the highest tachometer redline of any 2006 production four-stroke motorcycle engine. The true maximum engine speed was limited by the ECU to 15,800 RPM.

What is the history of the R6 R6?

History. Starting with the 2003 model, when the R6 became fuel-injected. The 2006 model year was a significant upgrade with a new engine management system featuring the YCC-T ride by wire throttle and a multi-plate slipper clutch. The 2008 model incorporated the YCC-I variable-length intake system to optimize power at high engine rpm...

How does the R1 compare to the R6?

You can whack the throttle open on the R6, while on the R1 you have to be a lot more careful. The R1 is a bit more comfortable for long rides. I had both an R1 and an R6 at one time, so I actually made heads up comparisons. I had a young guy ask me which one he should buy for a first bike.

What makes the Yamaha R7 different from the R6?

Firstly, by opting for the CP2 motor, which is one of the narrowest multi-cylinder powerplants in the world, Yamaha engineers have managed to make the R7 as slender as possible. It isn’t that the R6 is not slim enough but given that it has two more cylinders, the larger engine dimensions makes it quite a wide motorcycle.

How much does a Yamaha R1 cost in Indonesia?

Compare for Yamaha R1 vs Yamaha R6 Overview Yamaha R1 Yamaha R6 Brand Yamaha Indonesia Yamaha Indonesia OTR Price* (Jakarta Selatan) Rp 605 Million Yamaha R1 Price Rp 270 Million Yamaha R6 Price User Rating 4.7 / 5 4.7 / 5 Available Color (s) Yamaha R1 Colors Yamaha R6 Colors 2 more rows ...

Is the new Yamaha R3 a true R-family bike?

The new Yamaha sport bike definitely adheres to the current R-family design language that originated with the R1 in 2015 and then filtered down to the R6, R15 v3 and R3. The sharp fairing, those twin LED DRLs and twin rear air-scoops are fairly similar.

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