Credit mutuel

credit mutuel

Who is Crédit Mutuel?

A major player in bankinsurance, Crédit Mutuel supports the French economy while also developing its partnerships around the world.

How to request information about the Crédit Mutuel group?

Visit your local banks website (in french). Visit the Mediators website (in french). Submit your application (in french). For all other requests for general information about the Crédit Mutuel group, partnership requests, press relations or technical issues related to browsing the site, contact us by completing the form below.

Why Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe?

Thanks to this mutualist model, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe is a strong and resilient bank when a crisis occurs. It is for all these reasons that Crédit Mutuel is Frances favourite bank ! Its advisers do not receive commissions and offer solutions that give priority to their customers interests.

What is the liability of Banque fédérativeu du Crédit Mutuel?

Banque Fédérativeu du Crédit Mutuel or Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale shall have no liability as a result of your access to or use of the information contained in the following pages.

What is Caisse Fédérale du Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe?

Caisse fédérale du crédit mutuel Nord Europe is a member of Crédit Mutuel (France). Caisse fédérale du crédit mutuel Nord Europe is headquartered in LILLE CEDEX.

Who are Crédit Mutuel Nord Europes shareholders?

As a mutual bank, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe is not listed on the stock market and so has no shareholders. It is a bank that belongs to its customers, who are members of their local bank. Its profits cannot be redistributed.

What does Crédit Mutuel mean?

Crédit Mutuel is a French cooperative bank, with headquarters in Strasbourg, Alsace. Its slogan is La banque qui appartient à ses clients, ça change tout! (A bank owned by its customers, that changes everything!). It is currently run by Nicolas Théry and has over 30 million customers.

What is the net income of Caisse de Banca du Nord?

Net Income (2015) In 2015 total assets of Caisse fédérale du crédit mutuel Nord Europe were 20 419,73 mln EUR. In 2015 the banks net income was 77,30 mln EUR.

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