Kicks crew

kicks crew

What do you need to know about kickscrew?

At checkout, Kickscrew does require your name, address, phone and email for processing and shipping your order like most other retailers. Your contact information will be saved in their email list to further send you promotions and deals. Is Kickscrew reliable and trustworthy?

How do you kick the crew of a ship?

When you start a ship at the beginning of the game there is an icon next to the party leader or captain, as it would be in pirate terms. They need to add a game mechanic to allow the party leader to apply a crew vote and all members of the crew would vote to kick.

Why does kickscrew add seals/labels to products?

It is just because of Kickscrew’s affiliation to China that prejudice is planted in the hearts of many. This has made Kickscrew add seals/labels to their products, ones that have been authenticated by the store.

What is kickscrew’s return policy?

Returns are only accepted within 7 days of the date of delivery with the condition that the product and shoeboxes are in their original condition and with Kickscrew tags. Once the return order is received and accepted by Kickscrew, the buyer is issued a partial refund.

What is kickscrew about?

The company claims to be a Hong Kong-based company that carries collectible sneakers, hard-to-find exclusives, and sought-after streetwear items. Kickscrew offers different brands of quality sneakers like the Nike Air Max series, Nike Air Force series, Air Jordan series, Adidas Yeezy Boost, Puma, and many more.

Is kickscrew legit?

On reddit ppl says good abt them but on trustpilot they got really bad reviews . So please sharing the real experience for me guys! Hey ! I already answered my your question in another post! But I wanted to say this a lot of people on here said that KicksCrew is legit plus I have talked to them and they said that they are 100% legit.

What is the free delivery option for a custom kickscrew order?

Kickscrew claims to provide a free delivery service for all orders around the globe. Orders are shipped via UPS, DPEX, FedEx, DHL, S.F. Express, Hong Kong SpeedPost (EMS), or Air Mail, depending on the shipping address and selected shipping option.

What kind of Shoes does kickscrew sell?

Kickscrew sells varieties of sneakers and apparel such as; Adidas, Yeezy, Fila, Puma, Vans, Converse, Watches, Air Jordan, Nike, and many other sneaker brands. Does Kickscrew sell original shoes? All Kickscrew products are authentic.

Is Kickscrew legit? Kickscrew is mostly legit according to the Trustpilot report and customers report. However, they’re a large trust defect of a customer from poor customer service and unintended return orders. Though there are a large number of complaints of fake imitation of shoes.

What is the free delivery option for a custom kickscrew order?

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