The lost boys

the lost boys

Isthe Lost Boysa good movie?

The Lost Boys is an awesome vampire movie with cool flashes of the 80s, and an awesome soundtrack! 7/10. Rated R for Vampire violence, language, and suggestive sexuality. What is The Lost Boys about? Is The Lost Boys based on a book?

What is the Lost Boys TV show about?

TV adaptation of the 1987 film The Lost Boys about a group of teenage vampires who terrorize the new kids in town.

Are near dark and the Lost Boys about the same family?

Both of the two 1987 movies about a family of vampires who lure a young man and make him into a half-vampire before he is eventually cured ( Near Dark (1987) and The Lost Boys) feature a son of Jason Miller in their casts: Joshua John Miller is in Near Dark, and his half-brother Jason Patric is in The Lost Boys. Interesting?

Who is the last cast member ofthe Lost Boys?

Edward Herrmann is the last Lost Boys cast member (as of the writing of this list) whos passed away. Before dying of brain cancer at the age of 71 on December 31, 2014, Herrmann had a very successful career that started in theater in the 1970s and continued on through TV and movies.

Is ‘the Lost Boys’ any good?

Is it any good? The Lost Boys is a fun film to watch and is certainly one of the better vampire films to come out in the 1980s. Although he might not have been trying to, Kiefer vamps it up well and is enjoyable to watch.

When did the movie The Lost Boys come out?

Oct 18, 2012. From director Joel Schumacher comes the cult classic vampire film The Lost Boys. The story follows a family that moves to the beach community of Santa Carla, California, and is soon preyed upon by a vampire clan that tries to seduce the oldest son into joining them.

Why do people like the Lost Boys so much?

The Lost Boys is a nice balance of the genres, thus appealing to wide tastes. The film is fun, and not too frightening, and delivers lines with impeccable timing. The Lost Boys a perfect conglomeration of scary and fun.

How much did the Lost Boys cost to make?

The Lost Boys was released and produced by Warner Bros. Pictures on July 31, 1987 and was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $32 million against a production budget of $8.5 million. The success of the film has spawned a franchise with two sequels ( Lost Boys: The Tribe and Lost Boys: The Thirst ), and two comic book series.

What is the main idea of the Lost Boys?

The Lost Boys deals with the theme of family, and how it bears on adolescence, in other, harder-to-miss ways: vampires, and lots of blood. The embattled Michael is caught in a tug-of-war between his biological (or “blood”) family and the sort of “chosen” family that has formed around the lead vampire David and his ilk. “Michael, you’re one of us.

How didthe Lost Boyschange the way we view vampires?

Following the success of St. Elmos Fire, director Joel Schumacher took on a script for a wholesome, Peter Pan-inspired vampire movie called The Lost Boys —and turned it from a kid-friendly vampire hunt into a sexy, gory, and politically subversive teenage classic that changed the way vampires would be portrayed in Hollywood for decades to come.

Is ‘the Lost Boys’ homosexual?

Today, much of The Lost Boys is commonly viewed as homoerotic. Santa Carla itself represents a place where people on the outskirts of society, such as homosexuals and vampires, can live openly.

Where isthe Lost Boysfilmed?

You dont have to be from California to know that Santa Carla, the town where The Lost Boys takes place, doesnt exist. However, locals can easily recognize The Lost Boys location as the South Bay beach town Santa Cruz, thanks to shots of its Giant Dipper Roller Coaster.

Where Are They Now? The Cast Of The Lost Boys 1 Tim Cappello. 2 Kiefer Sutherland. 3 Corey Feldman. 4 Dianne Wiest. 5 Jami Gertz. 6 Edward Herrmann. 7 Alex Winter. 8 Kelly Jo Minter. 9 Brooke McCarter. 10 Jamison Newlander. More items...

Will there be a Lost Boys 2?

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