Rent a car madeira low cost

rent a car madeira low cost

What is Madeira car rental?

Madeira Car Rental is the car hire comparison site that thousands of customers recommend each month as we get them the best deal for their car hire. Madeira Car Hire » Car Rental Online Booking » Cheap Prices

Why rent a car in Funchal?

Rent a car in Funchal! Funchal is the capital of Madeira Island, built in amphitheater from the sea level until the top of the mountains. This geography makes that you will need a good car rental to be comfortable climbing the hills with your rent a car during your visits around Funchal.

How can I get my car delivered to Madeira?

You can choose to have the car delivered at the airport, so you can start your adventure in Madeira as soon as you arrive. . . In case of something happens to your car we will be available 24/7 to solve your case and substitute your car if needed. . If you dont want to get lost in our Island you can choose the extra of the GPS on your rental. .

What to do on Madeira?

From the plentiful festivals and cultural attractions of Funchal to the majestic mountains, exotic flora and attractive subtropical climate, the island of Madeira is a welcoming year-round destination.

Why choose Madeira rent car?

Madeira Rent Car is the best rental company in Madeira Island. When renting with us you have: You can book a car here, pick it up at the airport, hotel, any address in Madeira or in our office in the City Centre THE BEST PRICE WITH ALL INCLUSIVE IN MADEIRA IS WITH US!! You drive to adventures, we get it.

How do I get around Madeira?

One of the best ways of discovering Madeira is by driving your own car. Our roads are good and safe, and the roads are well signed so you dont get lost. With your car you will have the desired freedom you look for when youre on holidays!

Can you pick up and drop off your hire car in Madeira?

Due to the small size of the island, the best and most practical option is to pick up and drop off your hire car at the airport. For alternatives to this, contact your car hire provider. Can you rent a car the same day in Madeira?

Do I need a credit card to book Madeira Island?

All-inclusive price, No Credit Card required, No Deposit blocked, No Excess to pay = Total Peace of Mind. So you can enjoy your Madeira Island holiday instead of worrying if you will see your credit card deposit back or get stung by extra charges

How do I get to Madeira from the UK?

Opting to use container shipping to Madeira from the UK is a great idea. If you have an abundance of household items to take over to Madeira, but you’re not sure how, don’t leave anything behind, bring it all with you using our freight shipping.

What is the best car to import to Madeira?

The best vehicles to import are hybrids like the prius or fully electric like the nissan leaf which both have VERY low illegal import taxes.... Cars in Madeira are an absolute joke with engines having 100s of thousands of kilometers on them due to the cost of vehicle import tax

How do I ship my vehicle to Funchal?

When you are ready to ship your vehicle to Funchal, you will need to select a shipping method. There are two options available; Roll On/ Roll Off and container shipping. You will need to ensure that the vehicle is prepped before it is shipped.

How do I ship my car to Portugal?

You have two options for shipping, roll on roll of (where your car is parked on the boat), or containerised shipping, which strangely enough means your car travels in a shipping container. Given that around 65% of Portugal’s border is coastline, there are a number of ports to choose from.

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