What is sézane?

The idea behind Sézane is to create high-qual­ity, perfectly-cut pieces that can be worn forever. Sèzane was born in Paris & craf­ted using the exper­t­ise of the best ateliers. The quality of each item is some of the best I’ve ever worn and the pieces I first bought back in 2017 are still just as beautiful today.

What size is a sézane top?

I wear a size 6 in tops or a 38 in European sizing. One of my favorite Sézane tops would be this Marinière in Navy. The top has a boat neckline with 3/4 sleeves and 4 buttons that go up each side of the top.

Is sézane a good place to buy dresses?

Sézane does basic dresses very well with the best detailing. I specifically love their midi-length dresses because they always hit me in the right spot and are very flattering when worn. This is a perfect size and I wouldn’t size up or down in this dress.

Is sézane worth the investment?

You might spend a little more on each item but they are without a doubt worth the investment. Sézane releases a seasonal collection 4 times a year and once a month releases a smaller curated capsule collection. The pieces are timeless, will outlive any trend, and are also eco-friendly.

What is sezane clothing?

Sezane clothing is for anyone looking for that certain French je na sais quoi in their wardrobe. High quality, perfectly curated styles that will last season after season; ones that fit and wear as well as they’re made. Each piece has that indescribable flare of Parisian style that is stylish yet has a level of ease about it.

How sustainable is sézane?

Sézane is in the midst of transitioning from conventional materials to more sustainable ones, and gives a lot of detail on this process. Sézane considers 10% of the materials they currently use as eco-friendly, such as flax, and cellulosic materials Modal, Tencel, Cupro and Lyocell. ( Here’s what cellulosic fibers actually are .)

Is sézane a French brand you’ll go nuts over?

I recently discovered a French brand that you’ll go nuts over: Sézane. Before I dive into my full Sezane clothing review, I’d like to introduce you to a new series: That Charming Brand. This series will happen once a month, and is all about highlighting amazing brands that have one major thing in common: Sustainability.

Does sezane care about the customer experience?

If Sezane cared about the customer experience and listened to their customers having an issue, they would contact their merchant processor Adyen to fix the issue. They have shown my no sign of fixing the issue.

Is sézane a good brand?

I recently posted on Sézane, a French brand that is now offered in the US, when I fell in love with everything in their catalog ( post here ). I loved it so much, I ordered a ton of things! This is an honest review of what I thought about the items I ordered and Sézane in general.

Why sézane dresses?

Sézane, a timeless wardrobe with style. Even if Sézane dresses are sought-after by lovers of fashion all over the world, they remain simple pieces and the fabrics used to make them are beautiful. The designer is fortunate to possess the highest-quality know-how.

Can I return an item to sezane?

So if returning an item to Sezane isn’t going to be a straightforward process for you, you may like to consider whether the cost of sending it back is worth placing the order in the first place, if it isn’t right for you. In terms of their sustainable and ethical practices, there is some information on their website here.

Who is sézane?

Sézane dresses, Parisian ladies love them! In 2013, Morgane Sézalory created the label Sézane. Since then, the success of this young French brand has continued to grow. The founder of the company used to sell some of her designs online along with pieces that she would customise. Sézanes speciality lay in producing clothes in small series.

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