Shisha bar

shisha bar

What is a shisha bar and why are they so popular?

In recent years, shisha bars have become increasingly popular in the UK - with a 2019 survey by ash finding that 11% of Brits have tried it at one point or another. Often taking place in a cafe or restaurant setting and smoked in a group of people, shisha is considered a social activity in which people can catch up with family and friends.

How do I open a shisha bar?

Before opening your shisha bar, youll have to register the premises with your local authoritys environmental health service at least 28 days before you start trading. Its important to note that this process doesnt cost any money.

Where to smoke shisha in Belgium?

There are hundreds of shisha bars in the city. In Belgium, smoking is allowed at shisha bars, but food may not be served in the same place. More authentic Egyptian socializing can be found by sharing a water pipe with friends in the numerous sheesha bars. When a soccer game is on, shisha cafes are packed with people gathered around the TV sets.

Are people aware of the harms of Shisha?

Many shisha consumers appear to be unaware of the harms, with around 15% of people aged 25 - 35 (the most common users) believing shisha poses no health risks at all, and 44% considering it less dangerous than cigarettes.

What is shisha and how is it used?

Originated in the Middle East, South East Asia and Northern Africa, shisha is tobacco that is smoked communally in a water pipe known as a hookah or narghile. In recent years, shisha bars have become increasingly popular in the UK - with a 2019 survey by ash finding that 11% of Brits have tried it at one point or another.

Why start a shisha bar?

As a result, shisha bars have become a popular place for smokers and non-smokers to socialise together. Shisha bars bring cultures together – When you start a shisha bar, you have the chance to experience and celebrate Middle Eastern culture.

What is a shisha (hookah)?

A shisha – also known as a hookah – is a glass-bottomed vessel with one or more flexible pipes connected to it and it originates from the Middle East. Tobacco smoke passes through the water at the bottom of the shisha before it’s inhaled by the smoker.

How many shisha bars are there in the UK?

Although there aren’t any recent studies on the number of shisha bars in the UK, it’s thought the figure rose sharply between 2007 and 2012, from 179 to 556. This is an increase of 210 percent, and demonstrates the growing popularity of shisha among consumers in the UK.

Why is tobacco so cheap in Belgium?

Nevertheless, the prices in Belgium are a lot lower than in the Netherlands and France. This has to do with excise duty, which is simply much lower here. See the current retail prices of all tobacco products in Belgium. Tobacco or roll-your-own tobacco is over four times cheaper than cigarettes.

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