What is the NAU platform?

The NAU platform is a service developed and managed by the FCCN Unit of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) that allows the creation of courses in MOOC format (Massive Open Online Course), that is, courses open and accessible to all, produced by recognized and relevant entities in society, with the participation of thousands of people.

What is Nanau?

NAU is an online project, pioneering at Portuguese national level, to support education and training, aimed at large audiences.

Where does the NAU project get its funding from?

The funding for the NAU project comes from the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and the COMPETE 2020 Community Operational Program, within the framework of the Portugal 2020 Framework, with project number 02 / SAMA2020 / 2016. Learn more about some NAU numbers using interactive dashboards on the NAU Data Studio.

Why Northern Arizona University?

Northern Arizona University provides exceptional education opportunities in Arizona and beyond. For nearly 120 years, NAU has delivered a student-centered experience through rigorous academic programs led by dedicated, world-renowned professors and researchers.

Is NAU a public or private university?

NAU is a public entity, an Institution of Higher Education in the State of Arizona subject to the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) and the laws of the State of Arizona. NAU is authorized under ARS § 15-1626 to enter into agreements.

How do I welcome new faculty members to NAU?

NAU Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) staff may be notified directly by their unit or the incoming faculty member and/or will be notified by the Office of the Vice President for Research of the new faculty member to NAU. It is strongly recommended that each unit develop a process for how they wish to welcome new faculty members.

How do I transfer an award to NAU from another institution?

The PI must contact his/her former institution and granting agency directly to discuss options. If the institution will not relinquish the award, the PI may request the former institution subcontract a portion of the funds to NAU. The former institution may or may not be agreeable.

What is NAU’s tax status?

As an AZ public entity/instrumentality, NAU is a non-profit organization that is exempt from taxes under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), codified at 26 U.S. Code § 115.

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