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bcp login

Why choose BCP?

Established in 1963 as a Swiss bank, BCP segments its activities into two well-established core businesses: Commodity Trade Finance and Wealth Management. These are reinforced by our expert Treasury services. BCP enjoys a solid reputation as a high-quality service provider in all of its banking fields.

How do I Register my interest in a BCP Homechoice property?

If you havent already joined BCP HomeChoice, you will need to do so before you can express an interest in the properties we advertise. To register click the Register Now button to get started. You will be able to save the application form at any point and return later if you need further information to help you complete the form.

Why choose BCP Mauritius?

As the only universal bank in Mauritius belonging to a Pan-African Group, BCP contributes to showcasing the unique advantages of the Mauritius IFC through its presence across West, Central and North Africa.

What is an example of a BCP?

A simple example is an internet dis-connection. In short, the BCP Plan has at its core, the purpose of creating norms and standards so that in adverse situations, companies can recover, resume, and continue their most critical business processes, preventing them from suffering deeper damage causing financial losses.

What is Business Continuity Planning (BCP)?

Business Continuity Planning (BCP), is the planned process of preventing and recovering potential threats to a business. As well as preventing, the goal on BCP is to enable ongoing operations before and during the execution of your disaster recovery plan. A disaster recovery plan (DRP) should go hand in hand with your continuity plan.

What is the purpose of the BIA and BCP?

- Key risk areas and dependencies calculated in the BIA are used to explore tangible infrastructure and service support that are most relevant to the business needs. - Establish the formal BCP framework with documents outlining the precise, sequential emergency preparedness plan.

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