Sushi porto

sushi porto

Where to eat sushi in Porto?

One of the things I like best about Ikeda, one of the best sushi restaurants in Porto, is the variety of dishes served – such as ramen, ceviche and aji tataki (thinly chopped mackerel), among other options.

What is your experience with subenshi in Porto?

My relationship with Subenshi is not absolutely linear. I love the space, in the center of Porto’s nightlife, and the service is very attentive. I never had a bad experience there but I always make the mistake of ordering a free style – and I end up eating sushi with strawberry or starry egg (heeeeelp!).

Should we have to pay for sushi?

I am genuinely convinced that if we want to eat quality fish, we have to pay for it. Sushi is an eccentricity, an excess of the soul that the wallet must pay. And so it should be. PS – All the food photos in this article were taken by me.

How much does it cost to open a sushi restaurant?

For instance, you may be paying a $10,000 a month lease, $2,500 a month in utilities, $8,000 a month in food and beverages, and $10,000 a month for the salary of a small staff. Who is the target market? Its a bit obvious, but your best customers will be those who love sushi.

How can I Make my sushi restaurant successful?

Your own previous successes as a manager can help your restaurant succeed quickly, and a knowledge of Japan and Japanese culture can help you make your restaurant feel more “authentic” for your customers. What is the growth potential for a sushi restaurant?

Is a sushi restaurant a business?

As a business, a sushi restaurant can scale up or down, serving as a small and modest eatery or as a fancier and more expensive restaurant. Ready to form your LLC?

When is the best time to buy sushi?

If you want the freshest possible fish, youre going to want to buy sushi on the day it arrives at the sushi restaurant and as quickly as possible after its been pulled from the ocean. On days when no fresh fish is coming in, one good strategy is to stick to fish thats been thawed recently.

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