France elections

france elections

What are presidential elections in France and how do they work?

Presidential elections in France determine who will serve as the President of France and Co-Prince of Andorra for French side for the next several years. Currently they are held once in five years (formerly seven). They are always held on Sundays. Since 1965 the president has been elected by direct popular vote.

When are regional elections held in France?

Regional elections have been held since 1986 to elect regional councillors and regional presidents: all elected to serve 6-year terms. Elections for the French delegation to the European parliament are held every five years.

Who is the current President of France?

The incumbent President of France is Emmanuel Macron of La République En Marche! (LREM), who won the 2017 election and whose term lasts until 13 May 2022. The election will be held just before the 2022 legislative election .

Who are the candidates in the French presidential election?

The election is likely to go to two rounds. Emmanuel Macron, the current president, is aiming to win a second term. There are 12 candidates, eight men and four women. Of the six main contenders, three are from right of French politics and two are from the left. Emmanuel Macron is seen as a centrist.

When is the French presidential election and how does it work?

The official campaign then began on 28 March, with French media having to adhere to rules about giving equal airtime to each candidate. The two candidates with the most votes -- Macron and Le Pen -- in the first round on 10 April will go head-to-head in a second round on 24 April.

How are MPs elected in the French election?

The députés, or MPs, are also elected by majority vote in a two-round election. In the first round, a candidate can only win if they obtain the absolute majority of votes cast as well as a number of votes equal to a quarter of registered voters.

How does the second round of the French election work?

In the second round, the candidate with a plurality is elected. Of the 577 constituencies, 539 are in metropolitan France, 27 are in overseas departments and territories and 11 are for French citizens living abroad. Primary elections, within registered political parties, are used to select presidential candidates for the general election.

How many candidates are on the French presidential ballot?

Twelve candidates have made it onto the official ballot – including seven who also ran at the last election in 2017. They span the political spectrum, with half representing extremes to the left and right of Frances mainstream. A third are women vying to become the nations first présidente.

Who is the president of the French Republic?

The current president of the French Republic is Emmanuel Macron, who succeeded François Hollande on 14 May 2017.

Who is the young president of France?

Emmanuel Macron Biography. Former economy minister Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France in 2017, making him the youngest president in the countrys history. Who Is Emmanuel Macron? Born in 1977 in northern France, Emmanuel Macron attended a series of elite schools before joining the French Finance Ministry in 2004.

Who is France’s new president Emmanuel Macron?

Former economy minister Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France in 2017, making him the youngest president in the countrys history. Who Is Emmanuel Macron?

Who is the head of State in France?

The president of France, officially the President of the French Republic ( French: Président de la République française ), is the head of state of France, as well as the commander-in-chief of the French Armed Forces. As the presidency is the supreme magistracy of the country, the officeholder is the holder of the highest office in France.

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