Rossio train station

rossio train station

What is the Rossio Train Station in Lisbon?

The Rossio Train Station is the former Central Train Station of Lisbon. The station is important for its function as a connection between Lisbon and Sintra. It is an architectural masterpiece. Thus, it is both a transportation hub and a tourist attraction.

Why is the Estação de Rossio Station important?

The Estação de Rossio station is not only an important station, but also a magnificent building, and a tourist attraction in its own right.

Where is Rossio located?

Rossio Address: Rua 1º de Dezembro, 1249-970, Lisboa Coordinates: 38.714399|-9.140909 CP Services: Lisbon urban trains Lines: Sintra line | Azambuja line

How to get from Estação de Rossio to Sintra?

The train departures from the Estação de Rossio to Sintra are frequent and inexpensive, and are operated by the national train company of Portugal, Comboios de Portugal (CP). The Sintra line is a suburban service, so there are many stops and the journey can feel very slow, taking 45 minutes to travel the 27km to Sintra.

What makes Lisbon’s Rossio Station unique?

T he neo-Manueline (Portuguese Gothic Revival) architecture of this station makes it one of Lisbon’s most striking monuments. It faces the northwest corner of Rossio Square, which it was named after, and is the station for the suburban trains to Sintra.

What is the exact location of the Rossio railway station?

/  38.71472°N 9.14222°W  / 38.71472; -9.14222 The Rossio Railway Station ( Portuguese: Estação de Caminhos de Ferro do Rossio) is a railway station in Lisbon, Portugal, located in the Rossio square. The station was formerly known as Estação Central (Central Station) and that designation still appears in its façade.

What are the best train stations in Lisbon?

The cast-iron work which covers the inside platforms of the train station is also of note and worth admiring. The station is located between Praca dos Restauradores and the Rossio Square, two of the most important squares in Lisbon. Rossio Train Station (Estacao de Caminhos de Ferro do Rossio)

When was the first railway station built in Lisbon?

The station was commissioned by the Portuguese Royal Railway Company and was designed between 1886 and 1887 by Portuguese architect José Luís Monteiro. It was built in one of the most important squares of Lisbon, the Rossio, and connected the city to the region of Sintra.

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