What does maracujá mean?

Maracujá (do tupi mara kuya, fruto que se serve ou alimento na cuia ) é um fruto produzido pelas plantas do género Passiflora (essencialmente da espécie Passiflora edulis) da família Passifloraceae. A planta, também conhecida como maracujazeiro, é espontânea nas zonas tropicais e subtropicais da América .

What is maracujá passion fruit?

Passion fruit has a variety of uses related to its appealing taste as a whole fruit and juice. In Australia and New Zealand, it is available commercially both fresh and tinned. In Brazil, the term maracujá applies to passion fruit (maracujá azedo, or sour) and granadillo (maracujá doce, or sweet).

Where to buy maracuja in Spain?

You can buy maracuja in the fruit and vegetable department of large supermarkets, in the area dedicated to exotic fruit, or in organic shops and specialized websites. You can find maracuja also under the label “passion fruit”.

What is Omo maracujá?

O Maracujá (termo genérico para diversas espécies das Passifloras) é uma planta medicinal com amplo uso na medicina tradicional ou etnofarmacológicos.

Where can I buy Brazilian food in Portugal?

Brazilians make up the largest expat or non-Portuguese group living in Portugal, and so it’s no surprise that there are quite a few Brazilian food shops stocking cocada, paçoca, guaraná syrup, and other goodies. Mercado Brasil Tropical is a chain of Brazilian shops that has several stores located across Portugal, both in Lisbon and Porto.

What to buy in the Algarve?

The Algarve has such a large expat British popular that it actually has its own British supermarkets. Overseas stocks a wide range of products, primarily from Iceland and Waitrose, including Ginsters Pasties, Irn Bru, and Bisto gravy flakes. It even has its own butchers where you can order British cuts of meat.

Where to buy American snacks in Portugal?

Glood is a growing chain of American and international food shops that are popping up across Portuguese cities. There you can buy all kinds of American snacks like Mountain Dew and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as well as snacks from around the world like Irn Bru (Scotland), Simbra crisps (South Africa), Chang Beer (Thailand), and Cocada (Brazil).

Where can I find Asian products in Portugal?

Although you can find some Asian products at the supermarket, often you have to go to an Asian supermarket to really find what you’re looking for. Most large cities have at least one, if not several in a neighbourhood. In Lisbon, for example, there are several different Asian supermarkets near Martim Moniz.

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