Serralves museum

serralves museum

What is the Casa de Serralves?

Casa de Serralves - in addition to serving as the Foundations head office - is an important extension of the Museum of Contemporary Art, used for presentation of temporary exhibitions.

What is the Serralves Museum in Porto?

Alyn Griffiths explores the grounds of Porto’s Serralves museum 16 years after its completion and talks to the architect behind it, Álvaro Siza Vieira Tucked away in a residential area to the west of Porto’s historic centre, the Serralves Museum occupies a significant position, both geographically and culturally, in the Portuguese city.

When was the Serralves Museum built?

The architectural plans for the Serralves Museum were first drawn up in 1991 by the architect Alvaro Siza. The new building was finally inaugurated in 1999, harmoniously integrated within the surrounding urban area and the pre-existing spaces of the gardens of the Park and Villa.

What is Quinta de Serralves known for?

” Quinta de Serralves (Serralves Farm) was originally referred as Mata-Sete farm. It pertained to the Cabral family prior to 1932, and although excluded from Jacques Grébers project for the Count of Vizela, it was subsequently subject to an intervention by Gréber.

What is Serralves?

Serralves is a cultural institution located in Porto, Portugal, and one of the most important institutions worldwide, ranking in the list of most-visited art museums in the world. It includes a Contemporary Art Museum, a Park and a Villa, each one an example of contemporary architecture, Modernism, and Art Deco architecture.

Who is the new director of Casa de Serralves?

In 2019 the French Philippe Vergne was appointed the new director of Serralves. Casa de Serralves is a villa and museum located inside the park of Serralves. Owned by the Serralves Foundation, the house was built by the second Count of Vizela, Carlos Alberto Cabral and designed by the architect José Marques da Silva.

What to see and do at the Villa de Serralves?

From the garden which circulates around the Villa from behind, visitors can observe the extensive facade, which looks out over the Rua de Serralves. The main entrance is formed by a semicircular widening of the exterior wall, framed beneath a glass canopy.

What is the Serralves Museum?

The Serralves Museum opened in 1999 in order to endow Porto with a space dedicated to contemporary art. The programming combines in-house production of exhibitions with co-productions with distinguished international institutions, enabling circulation of works by both Portuguese and foreign artists.

What is the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art?

The birth of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, in 1999 represented another key moment in the history of the Park, via a new intervention in the landscape.

What are the buildings of Serralves?

The buildings of Serralves - Casa de Serralves, Park, Museum of Contemporary Art, Auditorium and Library - were jointly classified by the Portuguese State as a Building of Public Interest in 1999 and as a National Monument in 2012.

What is the Serralves Foundation?

Serralves Foundation ( Fundação Serralves) is an art foundation whose “mission is to raise the general publics awareness concerning contemporary art and the environment, via the Museum of Contemporary Art, Park and Auditorium”.

When was Serralves Park opened to the public?

Serralves Park and Villa were opened to the public on May 29, 1987. The creation of the Foundation, via Decree-Law no. 240-A/89, of July 27, signaled the beginning of an innovative partnership between the State and civil society - encompassing around 51 public and private sector bodies at that time.

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