Elden ring ranni questline

elden ring ranni questline

What is the Ranni questline in Elden Ring?

There are many questlines in Elden Ring, and most of them are incredibly easy to miss. Among these is the Ranni questline, which takes you through a long list of labours in service of the witch-doll. You’ll need to beat multiple bosses, find several hidden items and explore some daunting areas along the way.

What is the most popular Elden Ring ending?

An important point to remember is that completing the Ranni questline does not lock you into the Ranni ending and you can still get a different ending if you wish. So far, based on Trophy and Achievement monitoring, it seems like the Ranni ending is actually the most popular Elden Ring ending.

What happens to Ranni at the end of the questline?

She’ll leave behind the Dark Moon Greatsword which deals frost and moonlight damage. This is the end of Ranni’s questline. However, she’ll appear again at the end of the game — completing her questline opens a secret ending.

Who is Ranni the Witch?

Ranni the Witch is a mysterious figure who first introduces herself as Renna. Upon meeting her again at Three Sisters, she reveals her true name and eventually will recruit you into her servitude, sending you off in search of a hidden treasure. This page covers vital information for Rannis questline for Elden Ring. I am the witch Ranni.

Is the Elden Ring Ranni quest worth it?

The Elden Ring Ranni quest spans a large portion of the game, but the characters youll meet and the ending youll get out of it are worth it in the end. You get to learn more about some of the most beloved characters in the game and help them on their journey to upend the Erdtrees broken system.

What is Ranni’s questline?

The Ranni questline is the most complex NPC event in all of Elden Ring. Here’s how to begin Ranni’s quest and what you earn by doing so. CSGO

How do you summon Ranni in Elden Ring?

After defeating the final boss of Elden Ring outlined in our Elden Ring main bosses guide, youll see a summoning sign on the ground thatll allow you to bring in Ranni. Trigger it to start the Age of Stars ending, a permanent decision thatll end the game.

Who is Ranni the Witch Elden Ring?

Ranni the Witch became one of Elden Ring’s most anticipated characters ever since closing the first story trailer. Ranni offers the most complex questline in all of Elden Ring, but the rewards make it worth the effort.

What happens after you complete the quest for Ranni?

After completing the quest for Ranni, players will need to return to Rannis rise in order to meet with Blaidd one final time. Unfortunately for them, this time, Blaidd is out for blood and players will have to fight him.

Where does Blaidd go after Rannis questline ends in Elden Ring?

Where does Blaidd go after Rannis questline ends in Elden Ring? The questlines of Blaidd and Ranni in Elden Ring are intertwined and will have players traversing all over the Lands Between to complete them. However, for much of this questline, Blaidd is easily located and part of the quest even involves freeing him.

What is the Elden Ring Ranni quest?

The Elden Ring Ranni quest leads to the games Age of Stars secret ending but, as the secret suggests, its not really easy to trigger unless you know what to do. Which isnt surprising considering that Ranni the Witch is one of Elden Ring s most mysterious characters.

Who is Ranni the Witch?

Which isnt surprising considering that Ranni the Witch is one of Elden Ring s most mysterious characters. The secret Elden Ring ending she unlocks is worth it though.

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