Carreiros do monte

carreiros do monte

What are the carreiros do Monte?

These carts are operated exclusively by a band of fearless drivers known as the Carreiros do Monte, which roughly translates to ‘hill racers’.

What to do in Monte Funchal?

Monte, also known as the village of carts, is one of Funchal’s most distinctive neighbourhoods, and a “must-visit for tourists, not only because of its history but also for its panoramic view over the bay of Funchal.

Can I bring a group to the carreiros?

The Carreiros regularly welcomes groups and bus tours. We have special rates for groups visits organized by companies, organizations and schools! COPYRIGHT © 2013-2021 CARREIROS DO MONTE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

How to get from funvhal to Monte?

We got a 21 bus to Monte from the centre of Funvhal, dead easy and only €1.95 each and far more fun that waiting in the cable car queue as the cruise ship was in port. The trip down from Monte in the wicker toboggan is quite expensive but is unique. We would recommend it despite the cost.

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