Areias do seixo

areias do seixo

Why Areias do Seixo?

The west coast of Portugal is an unparalleled location offering unique conditions for surfing. To improve fitness condition and sports performance in general during holidays. part of Areias do Seixo’s DNA in every sphere of action. From management strategy to trivial daily life.

What makes Areias do Seixo the perfect beach break?

An hour from Lisbon, Areias do Seixo makes the perfect beach break after exploring the Portuguese capital. Pine groves and sand dunes rub up against each other on the hotels driftwood-strewn shoreline, which makes up a hush-hush stretch of Portugals Costa de Prata (Silver Coast).

How far is Areias do Seixo villas from the beach?

The nearest beach is 0.6 miles from Areias do Seixo Villas. How far is Areias do Seixo Villas from the center of Santa Cruz? Areias do Seixo Villas is 1.8 miles from the center of Santa Cruz. Does Areias do Seixo Villas have a restaurant on site?

What makes Areias do Seixo Portugal’s best restaurant?

With its dark wood floors, polished concrete bar and sinuous wood stove, Areias do Seixo could pass for an edgy New York gallery – one softened by a sparkling chandelier, mismatched colourful chairs and chunky wooden tables. All three meals are served here: relaxed, unfussy food lovingly prepped by chef André Jesus from Portugal’s bountiful larder.

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