O2 arena

o2 arena

What is the O2 Arena?

The O2 Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena in the centre of The O2 entertainment complex on the Greenwich Peninsula in southeast London.

What is the busiest arena in the world?

Worlds busiest arenas, 2017 Venue Number of tickets sold The O2 Arena, London, England, UK 1,443,232 Madison Square Garden, New York City, Ne ... 1,167,544 Manchester Arena, Manchester, England, U ... 1,072,079 SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 1,028,934 6 more rows ...

Can I bring a recording device to the O2 Arena?

No recording devices, albeit data, video or audio may be brought in the O2 arena. In spite of that, there are events taking place at the O2 arena whose spectators may bring, e.g., a compact camera.

How to get to the O2 Arena in Prague?

How to get to the O2 arena. The O2 arena is located close by to the Ceskomoravska underground station, tram stop, bus terminal and the Praha-Liben train station which is just a few minutes’ walk away. By underground. The best way is to go by the underground line B to Ceskomoravska station.

Can I bring a camera to the O2 Arena?

Yes. Small personal cameras are fine for each show at The O2. We ask that you turn off the flash so as not to distract the performers or other guests. Larger SLR type cameras and GoPros or devices similar are not permitted into the venue unfortunately.

Can I re-admit people to the O2 Arena?

There is no re-admission once you have left the venue. Seats located on level 4 of The O2 arena are not recommended for those who have a fear of heights, or suffer from vertigo. Floor seating is not tiered. In seated areas, other members of the audience may stand up during the event. All children must have a ticket.

How do I order from the O2 venue app?

Simply open the app and select order to be guided through the ordering and payment process. You can also order in-person at the food and drink units. If you are having trouble using The O2 venue app please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

What documents do I need to enter the O2 Arena?

CURRENT ENTRY CONDITIONS AT O2 ARENA To enter the venue, you will need to prove yourself in person with one of the following documents: National vaccination certificate of Covid-19 Laboratory confirmation with evidence of Covid illness in the past 180 days

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