Que me dices

que me dices

What does Qué Me dices te ofrece?

Qué me dices te ofrece la actualidad de tus famosos, influencers, programas y realities favoritos.

How do you use Dicen in a sentence?

Dicen que va a nevar mañana.They say its going to snow tomorrow. Dile a tu hermano que haga sus tareas.Tell your brother to do his homework. Mamá dijo que nos teníamos que acostar.Mom said we had to go to sleep.

What does es solo un decir mean?

Es solo un decir.Come on, dont get annoyed! Its just a manner of speaking. A reflexive verb is a verb that indicates that the subject performs an action on itself (e.g. Miguel se lava.). Me dije que no volvería a empezar a fumar.I told myself that I wouldnt start smoking again.

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