Motel portofino

motel portofino

What is the story behind Hotel Portofino?

as Gianluca Bruzzone … Set in the beautiful backdrop of Mussolinis Italian riviera in 1926, Hotel Portofino tells the story of matriarch Bella Ainsworth, who wants her eponymous hotel to be a home from home for wealthy English travellers.

Will there be a hotel Portofino season 2?

The network also brings the production studios first stab at completely original programming, Hotel Portofino. Though the series has not yet aired on this side of the pond, fans wont have to worry about it being a one-and-done, as Season 2 is already a go.

Where is Portofino?

Portofino is situated between the centre of Porto, and the towns of Maia and Matosinhos. Beaches and the International Airport Francisco Sa Carneiro are a 10-minute drive away.

Will hotel Portofino be BritBoxs top-rated launch original?

Eagle Eye Dramas producing partner, Beta Film, reported at its recent Mip TV event that Hotel Portofino was one of BritBoxs top-rated streaming launch originals. Its the second most-watched VoD series on Foxtel Australia, and it was also apparently the second-highest debut for an international drama on Sky Italias Sky Serie channel.

What is the plot of hotel Portofino?

In Hotel Portofino , drama abounds for an English family running a hotel in post-WWI Italy. Bella fell in love with the Italian Riviera on her honeymoon and always hoped they’d get back there. She finally convinced her husband Cecil that they should buy a hotel there, for English tourists summering in Italy.

Whos staying at Portofino?

Before you dive into life at Portofino, allow us to introduce some the characters staying at the hotel. First, our fearless leader, Bella Ainsworth, owner of the Hotel Portofino, host extraordinaire, and family matriarch. This hotel is Bellas dream, and she works hard to make sure her guests have the best experience possible.

Why Bella Ainsworth’s new hotel Portofino?

For Bella Ainsworth the owner of the Hotel Portofino this means her new hotel could become “the” destination for visitors, moneyed visitors that is, if she can keep it open. The hotel is Bella’s baby every stick of furniture and color of paint picked out by her. To help with the hotel Bella’s family and trusted servants have come.

How dangerous is Portofino?

1920s Portofino is as dangerous as it is beautiful, full of new threats from the rising fascists, and men like Danioni... So be sure to check in with us as our valued staff and guests navigate these dangers and have some fun along the way! We are pleased to welcome you to Hotel Portofino.

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