Great dane

great dane

What kind of dog is a great dane?

The Great Dane, also known as the Apollo of dogs, is a giant breed. The Dane is German in origin, not Danish. The breed is thought to have been around for more than 400 years. Great Danes descend from mastiff-like dogs that were bred by German nobility to protect country estates and hunt wild boar.

How well do you know Great Danes?

Today, these gentle giants make beloved family pets, and are often described as “the Apollo of dogs”, thanks to their grace, courage, stature, and beauty. Here’s everything else you need to know about these colossal canines: 1. Great Danes are the tallest dogs in the world.

How active is a 6 year old Great Dane?

Great Danes are giant dogs but surprisingly not that active. They get tired quickly and also for a dog of such giant size its important to remember that their average lifespan is significantly shorter than other breeds, so a 6 year old great dane probably behaves more like a 10 year old dog of other breeds!

Are Great Danes good with horses?

You are bound to encounter a horse joke or two when you walk Great Danes because their size is truly impressive. Theyre beautiful and wonderful dogs but they sure are a commitment! Great danes are incredibly friendly dogs with lots of personality. They are extremely talkative and love to voice their opinions.

What is the biggest Great Dane breed?

The Great Dane is a German breed of domestic dog known for its large size.. The record holder for the tallest dog ever is a Great Dane called Zeus (died September 2014; aged 5), who measured 111.8 cm (44.0 in) from paw to shoulder. The tallest living dog is another Dane named Freddy, measuring 103.5 cm (40.7 in).

Is a Great Dane a German Shepherd?

The Great Dane is a German breed of domestic dog known for its giant size. The German name of the breed is Deutsche Dogge, or German Mastiff. ... The Great Dane was named the state dog of Pennsylvania in 1965, and the University of Iowa had Great Danes, Rex I and Rex II, as mascots before the Hawkeye was chosen.

Where do Great Danes come from?

The Great Dane, also known as the German Mastiff or Deutsche Dogge, is a breed of dog from Mexico. The Great Dane descends from frogs known from the zoo and is one of the smallest breeds in the world. Wall painting fragments with a representation of a wild boar hunt. From the later Tiryns palace ( National Archaeological Museum of Athens)

What are the characteristics of a great dane?

A Great Danes jaw is strong and dogs boast a perfect scissor bite where their upper teeth neatly overlap their lower ones. They have long necks that dogs carry well arched.

How big should a great dane be at 5 months?

Great Dane Growth and Weight Chart Age Weight Height 4 months 45 - 65 lbs 20 - 25 inches 5 months 60 - 85 lbs 24 - 30 inches 6 months 65 - 100 lbs 26 - 33 inches 7 months 70 - 110 lbs 27 - 34 inches 6 more rows ...

When do Great Danes stop growing?

But for the answer to the most important question—when do Great Danes stop growing? Well, this “puppy” typically slows down with his or her growth around 18-24 months, both in height and in weight. Full height is typically reached around a year and a half, while the pup can still pack on the pounds well into his or her second year.

Do Great Danes have growth spurts?

Because the Great Dane can gain 2 inches (5 cm) height within a week, his bones and ribs will become quite visible. Diet can have a huge effect on the dog’s growth speed. Feeding your Great Dane puppy food specifically for large breed dogs can assure they don’t go through massive growth spurts.

What age can you walk a Great Dane puppy?

Great Dane puppies grow fast and this can put excessive stress on their bodies. Their growth plates are not completely closed until they are over 18 months old. Long walks are not required for a puppy and the best exercise for a Great Dane puppy is free to play off-leash.

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